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Mum’s The Word Book Bundle - The Sh*t nobody tells you about parenthood until it’s too late and It’s all Sh*ts and Giggles by Rebecca Oxtoby

Which Book?: Book One: The sh!t nobody tells you about parenthood until it’s too late




This is motherhood laid bare. No filters, no frills, and often, no f**king clue. These are the hilarious, hidden tales about parenthood that InstaMums have cropped out for years: the leaking nipples, the sh*t-stained t-shirts and the truth about those bloody night feeds. These are the brilliantly funny and honest stories that every mother needs to hear - exposing the truth about parenthood. Mum's the Word gives a refreshingly raw and candid insight into life with a newborn baby; uniting mothers against the Supermum pretence and acknowledging that we’re all just winging it anyway. Rebecca’s dry and undeniably funny stories will test any mother's pelvic floor to the limit. So grab a Tena lady, latch on and take a seat.

 The book provides a hilarious insight into the horrors of pre-partum perineal massage, losing every shred of dignity during birth, and the joy, fear, exhaustion and love that encompasses the transition to Mum. Alongside the hilarity, Mum’s the Word provides a refreshing raw exposure to unfiltered motherhood.

Unlike other memoirs of this kind, the book focuses specifically on the first year of parenting; and delves deep into the hidden world of Newmumdom. An easily-accessible alphabet structure provides the format for the scores of true short stories. The quick-paced tales are kind to the target audience; a time-restricted mother who may dip in and out during feeds, though the all-too-relatable humour will keep the pages turning well after the baby has fallen back asleep.

The witty and often shocking #mumfails (of which there are many!) are interspersed with moving stories about grief and guilt. Rebecca gives a poignant, heartfelt account of the impact that new parenthood has on a relationship, on friendships and work priorities.

Mum's the Word has topped the Amazon best-seller charts with 5* reviews all round! 


 Mum's the Word: it's all shits and giggles follows on from the highly successful and hilariously funny Mum's the Word: the shit nobody tells you about parenthood.

 'The teeny little boob-monster is now a walking, talking sass-pot. She wrongly believes that she is independent, yet the only thing that she can successfully accomplish is the ability to turn a four-bedroomed house into a glorified shit-hole within 20 minutes of waking. And yet, she still can’t put her own socks on, or wipe her arse'

 Rebecca's first book recieved phenomenal praise from readers and critics alike. Her second book continues to explore the raw and unfiltered side of parenthood, by documenting the transition from baby to toddler, and the mother's journey from baby mama to mediator, negotiator, working mother and multi-tasking mother fluffer.

 The brilliant, dry and witty comedy is back for a second time to unite mothers against the Supermum pretence, and fill you with joyous laughter in the three and a half minutes of peace you get each day.

Join Rebecca as she playfully documents the truth behind life as a parent; re-living the highs and lows of real motherhood.

 Rebecca Oxtoby is an Amazon number one best-seller in Child Care, Child Discipline and Pre-School and Toddler Education.